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Helpful Hints When Choosing Wedding Music

  1. Before you do anything, talk to your ceremony site to learn the rules and protocol of how they handle music there! If you are getting married in a church, this meeting will usually be with the musical director, who is often also the organist. Different churches have different rules about what is and is not allowed in their sanctuary. This person will also have plenty of advice on music: what is popular, where in the ceremony you need music, how long the pieces should be, and how to do it all. There's a good chance you'll come out of that meeting knowing everything you need to know.
  2. Discuss all of your wishes with your future spouse and parents, then pick one of yourselves to be the sole contact person for all musicians. This cuts down on misunderstandings and confusion for all involved.
  3. Be sure there is a wedding coordinator or trusted family friend on site the day of the wedding to greet all musicians. This person should have copies of the wedding program, know where the musicians should set up, and be able to communicate any changes that may have occurred during the rehearsal the night before.
  4. If you are choosing prelude music and/or music for the seating of the mothers, musicians are going to need a CUE for when to start playing, and need to know from whom that cue will come! That same person must also be in charge of making sure everyone knows not to start seating the mothers until the chosen song begins.
  5. Most musicians love to learn new music, but sheet music for any piece you choose must be easily available. We cannot play something that you only have an audio copy of.
  6. It is usually best to use the accompanist that your wedding site recommends, because that person has the most knowledge of that site's rules, service order, and instrument. However, if you are in need of an accompanist, contact me and I have many wonderful musicians I can recommend.
  7. Musicians do not need to be at the rehearsal the night before the wedding - that is simply for the officiant and the bridal party. I will communicate with all other musicians involved well before the wedding, then arrive 45 minutes to an hour before the ceremony to rehearse.
  8. Have fun! This is your day, and if you have your heart set on something and know it's the right thing for you, find a way to make it happen! And relax. It'll be wonderful.

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